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light uP the trails.

Snow Dust Buster – Snowmobile Helmet Light

Be More Visible! 
Here is how the Snow Dust Buster works. When you ride in a group of 2 or more sleds, we all know that snow dust is a factor. It limits your visability when riding behind other riders.

Because the Snow Dust Buster is mounted up high on the back of your helmet, it allows the rider behind you to see where you are through the snow dust. This helps other riders have constant visible contact with you as well as a point of reference. The LED’s are very bright and are visible through the worst snow dust. There are some helmets available with LED lights built in to them. Because those are battery powered, they are not very bright. The Snow Dust Buster takes advantage of the power available on most modern snowmobiles. Uses only 2 watts of power!

 sLED Bumper Light Kit Installed

sLED Bumper Light Kit Installed


sLED Snowmobile Accessory Light

The sLED Snowmobile Accessory Light provides added illumination, safety, and draws only 5.6 watts of power from your battery!

  • Designed for snowmobiles with electric start.
  • Makes your snowmobile more visible to other riders, especially when parked on the side of the trail at night.
  • You don’t need to leave your snowmobile running to have light.
  • When loading your snowmobile in an enclosed trailer, you have light right where you need it when installing the tie down bar onto the skis.
  • sLED is very bright! Works like fog/running lights on your car providing additional illumination directly to the front and side of your snowmobile.
  • Looks great giving your snowmobile a “distinctive” look!
  • Extremely durable IS-67 rated premium LED strip draws only 5.6 watts (.46 amp) and produces over 500 lumens of light. sLED can be left on for hours without draining your battery. (Up to 10 hours on most model snowmobiles).
  • Each sLED kit comes with: detailed photo instructions, wiring harness with fuse designed for your specific snowmobile, and a water resistant back lit switch.