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Makers of the SnowDust Buster - LED Snowmobile Helmet Light


light uP the trails.


SnowDustBuster III – Snowmobile Helmet Light

Introducing The All New SnowDustBuster III! 

Back by popular demand and based on our “Original” LED strip design, we have improved it and made it even brighter! Now with 2 rows of bright LEDs and a black background, the SnowDustBuster-III is sleeker and better looking.

No more gold RCA splitter: We’ve simplified the design by incorporating the splitter into the LED light. We’ve added an extra plastic clip to the kit to help keep the LED wires neatly attached to the helmet as well as prevent them from being pulled off.

With twice the lumens as our SnowDustBuster-II: This new helmet light will cut through the worst of snow dust and help you be “seen” from behind by other riders, making you even more visible and safe.

Available in Red, Green, Amber, Blue (blue not available in NH due to local laws), and Pink for the ladies, the SnowDustBuster-III will be available mid-October. We will have this new helmet light at the NHSA “Race into Winter 2019” Event this coming October 11th, 12th, & 13th. Please come visit us in the big Multi-Vendor Tent and check it out!